Marketing/DMS Release October 12th, 2020

Updates / Features in this Release


Update Multiple Website Listings at One Time

Having a blowout sale? Need to add your awesome dealership walk through video to all of your listings? Quickly make updates like these to your inventory without the need to edit each listing individually with our new Batch Update feature!

Quickly update multiple fields at one time:

  • Additional Price Text

  • Tagline

  • Video 

  • Highlight images 

  • Custom text description

Click here to learn more about this new feature

Advertise Ebikes on Cycle Trader

Take advantage of the explosion of interest in the ebike market by advertising your ebike inventory on Cycle Trader!  Cycle Trader is now available as an inventory destination in Listing Inventory.*

*requires active Cycle Trader account

New TALONes™ Price Sync

Tired of spending time reviewing your imported listing prices for accuracy again and again? We are excited to introduce a new price sync feature! When price sync is activated, prices for all of your imported listings will automatically update to match the current price in TALONes™ each time your data is sent to DX1!

  • Prices will be automatically hidden from your website visitors when the unit price in TALONes™ is below $1000

  • Choose which price should be used when creating listings and updating prices: MSRP or Suggested List

  • Gain peace of mind knowing your website visitors are seeing the most up to date and accurate prices

Finance Leads to Polaris Digital

For Dealers participating in the Polaris Digital Web Program, finance leads  will now be submitted to Polaris and included in web scoring. The lead will be submitted as vehicle lead and will include the vehicle information and contact information but not any other finance application details shared by customers. 

New Search Options

A new search option is available in showroom settings if you want to use dropdowns instead of our type ahead search. The dropdown options in the search helps users to quickly find what they are looking for. Contact your Account Manager if you want to switch to add this new setting that provides a more browse-like search experience for users.

MU Settings Page Restructured

We have re-grouped the checkboxes that affect website listings on the Dealership Settings under MU Settings page into their own section titled Website Listing Settings. We have also added Hover Tips for each setting to help you configure your website options appropriately.

IE11 or Lower Version Warning

While we will still allow you to log into and use DX1 with IE11 and older browsers we will now warn you that you need to use Microsoft Edge 14 or Chrome 58 or Safari 10 for complete functionality. The warning is displayed immediately after you log in.


Quick Void WEs / ROs from list

To help you reduce clutter and focus on work that matters, we have added the ability for you to quickly void no longer needed WEs / ROsdirectly from the "Work Estimates" & "Repair Orders" lists. You can simply click on the new ‘Quick Void icon’   on the left next to other icons in the WE/RO list. The icon is visible only to the users that have permission to void invoices. Only invoices that have no payments taken and that have no other limitations like a parent deal already completed can be quickly voided using this feature.  For Invoices with a payment already taken you can still void them but you will need to open the invoice, go to the Menu and click Void.  

Remember, you now also have the ability to recreate a voided service invoice if needed.

Tucker Parts Availability look up

The ability to immediately check the warehouse availability of a part you do not have in stock when standing at the counter with a customer has become a highly used feature in DX1.  We are happy to announce that we have now added this ability for Tucker Rocky parts.  From a Part invoice simply click the red Tucker icon to bring up the real time warehouse availability for that part:

In order to take advantage of this feature you will need a Tucker Rocky “API Access Key” to obtain a key you will need to contact your Tucker Sales rep and fill out a “Tucker API Terms Of Service” document.  Once you obtain a key simply go to your Tucker Vendor page in DX1 and paste it into the “API Access Key” field and click Save.

Charge Account customers in DX1 for dealers that do not sync with QBs

If you are a dealership that has Charge Account (AR) customers but are not using the DX1 Quickbooks integration, keeping track of the balances for those customers has been very difficult until now!  We now have a feature that allows dealers not using the DX1 Quickbooks integration to still set up, manage, track balances, take payments and even generate statements for Charge Account customers.  You can turn this feature On by going to Dealership Settings / Accounting Settings and checking the checkbox for the “Allow user to set AR Customer Credit Limit in DX1”.  You should ONLY turn this feature On if you are NOT managing AR customers in Quickbooks.  Once the feature is turned On you will be able to set the Credit Limit for each of your AR Customers: 

In conjunction with this feature we have added two new Accounting reports which were primarily designed for dealers using this new feature but may bell we of use to all dealers that have Charge Account Customers:

1) AR Customers - This report will give you a list of all of your active AR Customers and will show you their current balance and last payment amount / date (if payment was taken in DX1) 

2) AR Statements - This report generates a one page statement for any or all AR customers with a current balance 

Service Scheduler Time Display

Changes were made to display working hours in the Service Scheduler. We now display working hours as  6am-6pm. To see appointments made earlier than 6am or later than 6pm, please use the monthly view. You can still make an earlier or later appointment but they will only be visible in the monthly view.

Today will now be highlighted in yellow in all views (month, week, day).

The weekly view has changed and every technician now has their own dedicated column.

General UI / Workflow enhancements

Parts Ordering Update

To reduce clicks and save you time we now immediately run the search when the vendor is changed in Parts Ordering just like in the Parts Receiving page.  The Search button was made obsolete with this change and so it was removed.

Parts Receiving Update

We have renamed the “Receiving without PO” button to “Receive Without PO” and moved it  next to the Add Part button in Part Receiving page.

Bug Fixes in this Release


  • Fixed an issue where the Price Alert email returned inventory is no longer available when price alert was submitted cross dealership.

  • DMS Connector Talon: Fixed an issue where the unit was removed  and deactivated even though the option to do so was not enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where Auto-Response Emails were not being sent for Polaris Digital Leads

  • Fixed an issue where we were not properly removing/marking Sold/On-Hold Units as removed units from Lightspeed CDK

Major Units

  • Major Unit Invoice -Fixed a page freezing issue when trying to send a message from the Major Unit Invoice page.

  • Fixed screen loading issue when user was trying to do a VIN search while adding a unit into inventory


  • Parts Ordering - Fixed an issue that was preventing Canadian BRP dealers from using the BRP parts ordering interface in DX1

  • Fixed an issue where returned parts under a requested RO (still open) on a completed deal was not handled correctly

  • Fixed an issue where system was setting the part qtys to 0 when ROs/WEs were voided

  • Parts Labels - Fixed an issue where the printed barcodes for some parts labels were unable to be scanned


  • Fixed an issue where the text format  was not carrying over from the job template to Service invoice

  • Service-Fixed an issue when adding an available part to RO marked the part as special order

  • Fixed an issue where the SO customer field was getting trimmed on PO print out  


  • Parts Report - Fixed an issue that was causing the “MSRP-Current value” column to be blank on the Parts Inventory Current Valuation by Part Number report

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2020-10-12

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