Marketing/DMS Release September 14th, 2020

Marketing/DMS Updates / Features in this Release


Promotional Page for DX1 Listing Inventory App:

 Link Added to Promote DX1 Listing Inventory App on  Listing Inventory and Major Unit Management. The link is named Inventory Phone App. When clicked, it links to a page with description and images of the Listing Inventory app as well as links to the App Store and Google play.


IE11 or Lower Version Warning

While we will still allow users to log into and use DX1 with IE11 and older browsers we will now warn them that they need to use Microsoft Edge 14 or Chrome 58 or Safari 10 for complete functionality. The warning is displayed 2 times, First while the user is  logging in and the second time in the dashboard.

SMS Tile

SMS Tile corrected and renamed as SMS Texting under Customer and Leads. 

Lat/long is now a required field in Manage

We now require Latitude and longitude fields in Manage as this is needed for Dealer MU locator feature to work.  Moving forward, for new dealers, lat/long will need to be entered.

Trade In Leads to Polaris

We now started sending trade in leads to Polaris as part of the Shift Digital program.


Ability to recreate Voided Service Invoice

Dealers can now quickly recreate a previously Voided Service invoice


  • When the invoice is recreated:

    • Will always be recreated as a WE

    • Parts for each job will be consolidated

    • Only parts with a net sold qty will be added to the WE

    • Any SO or Lwy parts will NOT be added

    • Labor Hours will be lost (back to default)

    • Labor Discount will be lost

  • At this time this feature is ONLY available for Service

  • Feature will not work if the associated unit is no longer in inventory or in the Customers garage


Print Button

On all invoice screens we have added a “Print” button, was previously found under the Menu button, this should reduce day to day clicks.


New Icon for menu

Menu Button - We have added the word “Menu” to the “...” button on all screens to make it more clear to new users


Miles/Hours In and Miles/Hours Out field changed from Decimal to Text Box

We now allow users to enter text as well as numbers in the Miles/Hours In & Out boxes on the Service Unit Information Tab

This will allow dealers to identify if the number entered is Miles or Hours and in some cases dealers need to be able to track both Miles and Hours for a unit

Left Side Invoicing Menu Navigation Links Renamed

We have  made some changes to the left side menu links so that they are more consistent between MU, Parts and Service invoicing:

MU Invoicing

Renamed Completed to History

Renamed Closed & Voided to Voided

Parts Invoicing

Renamed Completed to History

Service Invoicing

Renamed Repair Orders History to History

Renamed Voided Orders to Voided



SMS Configuration

To reduce the the possibility of user error when setting up or disabling the SMS feature for a dealer we now no longer allow the editing of the SMS number from Manage (you need to use the SMS signup process)

You also can not turn On the SMS feature from Manage (you need to use the SMS signup process) but you can turn it Off


  • In Manage if SMS is unchecked (Turned Off) it will:

    • Remove the Twilio Number

    • Deactivate the Twilio Sub Account

Bug Fixes in this Release


  • Fixed an issue that created Incorrect image sequence on DNN when inventory used private model
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error  when Sending  SMS to the sales person in lead Notification failed.
  • Body Type Tax -Fixed an issue that caused the left menu to disappear when body type tax was activated.
  • Fixed an issue where it displayed"IsSendToBrp: False" in lead info when submitted Can-Am lead from DNN
  • Fixed an issue where user could not  use scroll bar (after the Save) in List Email Accounts
  • Fixed an issue where MSRP Units Appear on Report even though they are marked as Active=No on Active Units with Potential MAP Violations Report

Major Units 

  • Price file Upload -Fixed an issue where dealer had a price file upload stuck in "running" status
  • Major Unit Invoice - Send RpmPlus showed encoded special characters
  • MU sales - Fixed an issue where MU Deal 4390 did not load the unit information tab
  • Fixed an issue where there was no discard changes dialog when changing the model in the MU Inventory and leaving a page without saving. The discard message now pops up if  users exit the page without saving.
  • Fixed an issue where an F&I Invoice could not be printed from the F&I Sales list page
  • Customer/Garage - Fixed an issue where Dealers were unable to de-activate or remove units from customer's garage


  • Fixed an issue where special characters were showing incorrectly on the Default Parts Cost popup in Dealership Settings
  • Parts SMS notifications - Fixed an issue where fully received notifications were showing in the customer screen but not in the invoice SO communication screen.
  • Receiving - Fixed an issue where accounting entries were not always created for part Qty Adjustments done from the Receiving List page
  • Fixed "A potentially dangerous Request" error when using private part containing the special character
  • Parts Sales - Fixed an issue where dealer was unable to complete sale on parts invoice 18754
  • Parts Sales - Fixed Save failed error on parts invoice with ship to customer
  • Parts Sales - Fixed  an issue where customer discount was not applying to parts put on invoice before the customer discount was added
  • Parts Sales - Fixed an issue where user was unable to add shipping to parts invoice 696


  • Service Printing - Added logic to help identify intermittent printing issues on service invoices
  • Service Sales - Fixed an issue where part detail was not working correctly within service RO
  • Parts to Service Sales - Fixed an issue that was causing Misc part description to disappear.


  • Reporting - Completed RO report Showing voided jobs
  • Service Reports -  Fixed incorrect Final total for the Technician Hours for Cashed Out and Posted ROs report
  • Fixed an issue where  Doc Fees was not being split out in reports for some dealers
  • Parts Reports - Fixed an issue where lost sales did not display on part adjustment history report

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2020-09-14

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