Operations/DMS Release August 17, 2020


 Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

Major Units

  • MU Inventory Locator

    • Use the DX1 Exclusive Major Unit Locator to find inventory units across hundreds of DX1 dealers in the country that are readily available for sale. A shared inventory database allows you to quickly search for the inventory that other DX1 dealers have in stock. 

  • Major Unit Labels (Deal Jacket)

    • Print MU Deal Jacket labels from any MU Inventory detail Page 


  • Private Price File Upload - Status Page

    • You now have the ability to see the status of all your recent private price file uploads, previously you could just see the last one

  • Parts order export file enhancements

    • We now name the order export file based on the Vendor and save it in a default folder on the computer


  • Shop Supply Fee amount as a % of Labor or Job Total

    • When setting up service fees you now have the option to make then dynamically calculate based on either the Job Total or the Labor Total


  • Print Parts Pick Ticket from Repair Order

    • You now have the option to print a Parts Pick Ticket directly from the RO



  • Added new Parts and Service - Sales by Hour Reports

    • Allows you to select a time period and see either Parts or Service sales by hour to help plan staff resources 


  • Added VIN to Inventory Listing report

  • Added new Dealership User Information report (Accounting Reports)

    • Allows you to easily see the current list of users for the dealership and which ones will be billed for.

System Updates

  • Remove DB Flag for BRP Ordering

  • Add Report for Private Models Created by DX1 User to Manage

  • Create vwPolarisDealerServiceSalesReport View On DW DB


 Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • Tax different on invoice in dx1 from QB JEs 

  • OOB entries created for Parts invoice 

Major Units

  • Manually adding F&I product within deal does not set details like it used to 

  • Unable to post MU deal 1946

  •   tags showing up in MU BOS and MU Quote Footers


  • Physical Inventory count sheet not matching inventory screen (FD Ticket Closed)

  • Returned parts under a requested RO (still open) on a Completed Deal not handled correctly

  • Part Subcategory Name getting overwritten with Top level Category Name

  • Parts refunded off of Service invoice 466 but not back in inventory

  • Parts Invoice 132137 unresponsive

  • Parts invoice freezes on opening

  • Parts Quote unable to be edited

  • Parts Sale stuck in pickup refund Balance issues 

  • Parts Ordering screen will not load for Husqvarna

  • Merge done by manage dropped data from parts


  • Change the Technician drop down in Service Scheduling

  • Should not show microfiche icon when service invoice is complete


  • Error when clicking SMS Signup Page and SMS messages failing

  • SMS Usage Report not including all message types

  • SMS Segment Count In Add On Billing Report

  • Adding a customer to an incoming text (press "Tab" while loading page issue)

  • Use co-Buyer mobile phone instead of Buyer


  • BRP Retail Data for MU missing required data field

  • Phone Number sent to BRP for Retail Sales should JUST be the Phone Number

  • DX1 API should return error 400 when send incorrect JSON


  • Exception 'Logging Exception Handler'

  • Taxes added to Manage are in copying state since Saturday July 18th

  • F&I Only Sales Not being sent to the DW DB

  • Account Manager data from SF does not update for some dealers

  • Failed to create new org Different Stoke Motorsports

  • AI: Syntax error 

  • Error Duplicate TwilioPhone on dx1.uspInsertTwilioPhoneStatus

  • Cancelled DX1 accounts to delete

  • Incorrect message in the igGrid

  • Cannot create new organization

  • Changing the way to display Phone + Mobile in the invoice

  • Incorrect error message when DAL cannot convert data from stored procedure with multiple result set

  • Move to DMS pod sold E2E

  • Get error when save Specification tab in Inventory detail dialog

  • Search customer dialog was closed when click search customer button in Select Inventory Unit dialog

  • Unable to close the report page if the settings page is open.

  • Secure DX1 APIs and QB

  • Mobile number is Truncated if Phone and Mobile numbers are max length 

  • Merge Public & Private Parts Unlimited Catalogs

*Release # D2020-08-17; D2020-07-14; D2020-07-16; D2020-07-20; D2020-07-21; D2020-07-24; D2020-07-30; D2020-08-06; D2020-08-11; 

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