Operations/DMS Release June 8, 2020

 Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release


  • Parts Ordering - BRP Phase 2 (Beta) - BRP Dealers using this feature now have the ability to:

    • Select the Ship To address, the Shipping Method will depend on the Ship To address selected

    • Add, Remove or change the Qty of parts

    • Validate and a Submit buttons, the Submit button will be disabled until the user successfully validates the order

    • Show invoice level warnings from the validation response above the parts grid

    • If the Validation process updates the Qty or the Cost of any parts we will highlight them in red

    • Show the returned UOM for each part

    • Show the returned Availability and Warehouse so the user knows when and where the part will come from

    • If the validation returns any item level alerts we will display a "!" that the user can hover over to see the returned alert detail

    • If there are any additional amounts associated with the order (Freight, Handling, Core Charges, Discounts etc) they will be included in the "Fees / Other" and they will be added to the order total



  • Cost plus discounting based off of price book cost - A setting has been added to Dealership Settings --> Parts Settings to allow dealers to calculate Cost Plus discounts using Price Book Cost instead of the Dealerships Default Parts Cost.

    • Note: Accounting and reporting costs will still use the dealership default parts cost.


Major Units

  • Major Unit - Multi Location Inventory View - We have added the ability to to view inventory at other locations for dealers that have multiple locations through major unit invoicing.  Once you have added a model or inventory unit to an invoice you will see a new “dealership” tab that will display the inventory of other locations for the same model.

    • Note: This may display models of different years as well as color options. 


  • MU Quote - Down Payment - It was requested that we include the Down Payment entered in the F&I section on the MU Quote:

    • We will now display the down payment amount entered in the F&I section if no actual payments have been taken

    • This change ONLY affects the MU Quote (not the MU Deal form)

    • This is already released


  • Ability to reprint a Cashier closing report - Users now have the option to reprint a Cashier Closing Report

    • This can be done with the station Open or Closed

    • When they click on the “Reprint Report” button they will be presented with a list of the Closing Reports for the last 30 days

    • The report that comes up is the exact same as the one that was generated when the station was closed initially


  • Ability to Map Incentive and Holdback by Model Type - Users now have the option to set the "Incentive Income Account" on the Model Type mapping pages.

    • Postings for Incentive Income are now sent through the AR Clearing Item (instead of the Incentive Item) 

    • As it is no longer used we have removed the Incentive Item from Dealership Settings


System Updates

  • Removed HTML Version of the Service Invoice and other forms specific for FireFox users, all will now be the AR versions

  • Accounting App - Implement Versioning for DX1 Accounting AP 

  • Accounting App - Created Azure Pipeline for building the DX1 Accounting

  • Accounting App - Update Code Signing Cert for the non Win 10 Accounting App and Talon App 

  • Accounting App - Cleanup Auth Keys older than 1 month


  • DX1 APIs - added Inventory and RODeal to API Management

  • Changed MU Deal API to able to filter by deal status and date (for TLP)

 Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • Time Clock Reports Show different OT numbers than the UI in DX1

  • Fixed final Gift Card bugs

  • Some Parts have their categories set to invalid values - Caused issues with Tax Logic 

  • Blank day stuck in the reconciliation screen - was due to handling of time stamps when a deal is uncompleted

  • Fix Pinks - Fixed Bugs with Logging

  • Out OF Balance Accounting Entries Created for Parts & Service Invoices with Fractional Part Qtys > 1.0

Major Unit

  • Removed Descriptive Code on private models in Model Management 

  • MU-Sales - Certain(confirmed) public F&I Products don't appear on MU deals

  • Requested - Installed Parts Not Being Taxed at Rate Based On Customers Location

  • No photos on public models Polaris


  • Parts Price File - Price file upload not showing in inventory management 

  • Parts invoice getting error when trying to save

  • Fiche no longer showing the correct tab info when multiple invoice tabs are open

  • Part Category Name not showing correctly Parts Inventory Current Valuation by Category Report 

  • Freeze page on Vendor Return when cancel leave page without save

  • Can search part in vendor return that was completed (App Never Stops Loading)


  • Customer search by phone number only looks at main phone field and does not include mobile

  • Fix the DX1 MU Inventory API to not showing the NA unit

  • Fix Date Range for [report].[uspGetLeadManagerUsageReport] SP

  • Local Cache not always updating with app reset - causing Cash Drawer to Open when it should not

  • Reporting - Customer Sales History Report Throws Error when trying to run

*Release # D2020-05-14, D2020-05-18, D2020-06-01, D2020-06-08

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