DX1 DMS/Operations Release May 11, 2020

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release


  • Bulk Items - Split into Individual Quantities for Inventory and Sale - We have added the ability to take parts from supplier catalogs and split them into individual quantities.  An example of this would be a 55 gallon drum of bulk oil for your service department, you can now split this into individual quantities and pricing for inventory and sale.



  • Parts Invoice Quote - We have added the ability to view Parts Invoices that have been saved without removing parts from inventory as Quotes.  In addition you can now filter the invoice list screen to show only quotes.



  • Mobile Phone Number - We have added Mobile Phone Numbers to our Invoice screens.  You can now see both customer phone number and mobile phone number on the invoice screens and invoice printouts.



  • Sales Performance Year Over Year - This new report available under the Accounting reports list will provide you with the following month-to-date information:

    • Unit sales for the period (YoY)

    • Overall Sales by department for period, current versus previous year


  • One Page Business Summary - This new report available under the Accounting reports list will provide you with the following month-to-date information:

    • Sales by type including profit for period

    • Retail invoice count and profit by department for period

    • Key Major Unit, PG&A, and Service department stats

    • Current inventory count and value by type

    • Lead count by status for period


MU Forms

  • Multi Unit Quote - This is the same form as the Multi Unit BOS with the following exceptions:

    • Name is changed to “Quote”

    • Lienholder name and amount have been removed



  • Additional Major Unit Fields to DX1 API - Add Msrp, Tax, and Fee Fix the Trade-in value


  • Tracking - Track how often dealers are fixing Pinks

  Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • Out of balance accounting entries are sometimes created for charge to MU invoices if there are multiple pats with fractional qtys

  • Tax JE being incorrectly added for Requested WEs that has been Voided


  • Newsletters- Unable to export subscribers using the Windows app

Major Unit

  • Forms XML is including Tax for Parts and Labor in the MUSSLaborTax field should JUST be Tax for Labor, Fees and Sublet

  • Forms XML Issue: Labor tax is being pulled onto the forms even though it isn't on the deal itself.

  • The Advanced Search filter for "Featured" MU Inventory does not work, it has been removed as an option from the inventory search but is still available in the listing search  


  • Parts Invoices with the Sale Type "Installed" are unopenable - logic was added to prevent this

  • Vendor - Part & Acc. Supplier displays Dealer Number with incorrect value - logic was added to make sure this number is always updated.

  • Part Invoice - Calculate tax incorrect when combine part invoice in Phoenix or other state there are tax two lines or more

  • Parts Unlimited Parts not being set as discontinued

  • Yamaha Parts not being set as discontinued

  • Cannot add a part item with icon search

  • Parts Invoices 4836 and 4885 will not open in W10 app 


  • Service Parts - Invoice History Tab will not load within RO

  • Service Invoice - Cannot add the second new Fee

  • Service Sales - TSP 100 triggered to print for service invoices in Error 

SMS / Email

  • Email Templates - We have removed the word “click” from all standard email templates in an effort to reduce emails from being flagged as spam or junk.

  • Email - Display merge code parameter

  • SMS Notifications - Resolved an issue where Service Notifications were not being sent


  • Win 10 App dropdowns in grids do not work on touch screens

  • Simplify Azure AD Authentication


  • WPS Order being duplicated - Logic was added to catch this issue and make sure it does not happen in the future

  • Fix issues with the queries that generate the Honda Financial Reports  

  • Improved API Messaging - differentiate between no results and an error

*Release # D2020-04-15, D2020-04-20, D2020-04-27, D2020-05-11

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