Marketing Release, March 9, 2020

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

Auto response on Contact Us, Service Request and Parts Request Forms

Auto Response email is sent when a customer now submits Contact Us, Service Request and Parts Request Forms. Dealers may use the default template or create their own.These will have similar functionality to that of Internet or finance lead auto response.

Hide Web Price Default Settings

New settings for hiding web price on inventory was added in MU Settings. Dealers now have the ability to hide price on any upcoming units by selecting these settings. The settings are unchecked ‘Off” by default.

  • Auto Hide Web Price - New Inventory

  • Auto Hide Web Price - Used Inventory

For Example: Dealer may just select “Auto Hide Web Price - New Inventory” “On”. This will hide the price on all the new units that are received after the setting was turned on.This will enable  ‘Hide Price - Web’ flag in listing inventory to be set to ‘On’.

 Existing units are not affected by this change. 

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • FD# 73314 Fixed an issue where Merge code [[UOIOrWantlist]] was not populating the unit when sending an email from the lead.

  • Fixed an issue where Contact Us Form displayed dealership drop down even when the Organization has only one dealership

  • Fixed an issue where the website did not load when mega menu was set to display only Harley-Davison

  • Fixed an issue where Schedule Test Ride date picker was not working on iOS supported devices

  • Fixed an issue for Thunder Mountain HD where Website Admin was having multiple issues with Page Management

  • Fixed an issue that was causing email template errors

  • Fixed an issue where Family sort order on Mega menu and Showroom Grid Category were different

  • Fixed an issue where SEO Content Module was slow to load & save

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