DX1 DMS/Operations Release March 9, 2020

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release


  • In Dealership Settings you can now set Default A/P and A/R accounts.  If the A/P account is not set for a Vendor or the A/R account is not set for a Customer, DX1 will use the set default account.  This will reduce the chance of pink accounting entries being created.  Please note that you will need to go in and set your default A/P & A/R accounts before this feature will work.  

  • You now have the option to set the Cost Credit and Debit accounts for Freight, Setup and Other at the Manufacturer / Model Type level.  This will allow you to map and track these costs in different QBs accounts for each Manufacturer and or Model Type.  

  • In the DX1 Accounting App you can now Reconcile and Post transactions in any order you wish.  This will be handy if you ever have a problem with an older transaction but still want to post current transactions.  Please note that the Reconciliation process will still  always default to the oldest un reconciled transaction.

  • We have added logic to check and popup a warning if you ever try and sync with a different QBs company file.  This feature will mainly benefit multi location dealers but will also help single location dealers if they ever accidentally open the wrong QBs file or log into the wrong QBO account.

  • Alpha release for Internal testing only - When Pinks are fixed in the Accounting App users should have the option to apply the fix to other transactions and to fix the root mapping so the issue does not happen in the future.


  • We have removed "Brand" as a required field when creating a part.  The Brand UNKNOWN will be inserted for reporting purposes.

  • We have increased the Private Price File Import size limit from 5MB to 25MB. Uploaded files will go into a queue and run based on a schedule to minimize database impact during the day


  • Reports will no longer run immediately when they are opened.  This was done for two reasons, 1) it allows you to set the report parameters you want immediately, you do not have to wait for the report to finish running first, 2) to reduce database load and therefore increase overall performance.

 Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release

Major Unit

  • MU Sales - In the previous release we added the ability to create a WE from an MU deal, in this release we have cleaned up the following bugs for this feature

    • Taxes on WE created from MU Deal were not pulling over to DX1 BOS, this has been fixed.

    • Parts added to a Requested WE under a MU deal were not showing on the DX1 BOS, this has been fixed.

    • It was possible to close a deal with an open WE and the associated accounting entries were not created for the items on the WE - you can no longer complete a deal with a WE, it has to be converted to an RO first

  • MU Sales - Requested Parts / Service Color status was confusing -  we have updated the logic so that Red “Parts Invoices” means there is at least one open Requested Parts invoice that needs to be closed and Red “Service Invoices” means there is an Service Invoices that is still a Work Estimate or that there is an open Parts invoice under a Requested Service Invoice.



  • We have resolved a concurrency issue when users tried to complete a part invoice when the parts invoice was already completed by another user

  • Parts Ordering - Resolved an issue where users could not change the vendor on a part in the ordering screen when the part had a note from the parts invoice  (html character issue)

  • Parts Sales - We have resolved an issue where all Method of Payments were triggering the cash drawer to open 


  • Resolved an intermittent issue where Tax on Service Fees shows in Repair Order UI but not always on the RO Invoice (fix dates)

  • Parts to Service Sales - Incorrect tax amount collected on some invoices when saved from the repair order.  This issue has been resolved.

*Release # D2020-03-09

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