DX1 DMS/Operations Release February 11, 2020

 Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

Major Unit

  • We have added the ability for our users to start service invoices requested from a major unit invoice as either a Work Estimate or Repair Order.  This feature allows dealers to better manage quotes and actual requested work.


  • The States of Michigan and Illinois have implemented a trade-in sales tax cap limiting the tax reduction when trading in a unit on the purchase of a new or used unit.  We have added a setting within the Major Unit Settings page of Dealership Settings where dealers can manage this for their given State.


DX1 Windows 10 App

  • A new version of the Win 10 App was released to the MS Store in late January, the new version should be more stable especially around Printing


  • Fix Pinks Phase 2 - Log DX1 Source Account for all MU and Service Accounting Postings - this is the second step toward a feature we plan to release this year that will make Fixing Pink Accounting postings much easier and help prevent it happening again.

     Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • If parts are added to a Pick-Up / Refund Parts Invoice that is under a Posted deal accounting entries are not created correctly

  • Duplicated QBs Accounts showing in DX1

Major Unit

  • User should not be able to uncomplete a parts invoice that is under a Posted Deal

  • MU Request Service Invoice - Body Type Tax not overriding Dealership Tax Rate when it should


  • Parts inventory - Please merge parts catalogs

  • Parts Inventory - Please merge parts catalogs 

  • Parts Sales - Unable to refund P/n 40G3691 from Invoice 50171

  • Parts Sales - Unable to refund a part off an invoice, it prompts an error

  • Parts - WebClient Print Utility pop up appearing with WebClient 4.0 Installed Cleanly

  • Parts Sales - Save Failed!: Error occurred during the action. Please try again. 

  • Parts Sales / RO Parts - Parts sold on completed invoice displaying in the wrong column on parts invoice (column misaligned) 

  • Part Invoicing - System should not allow user edit Price Column in the grid (except MISC and Shipping)

  • Parts - Longer S/O Communication notes can not be fully read


  • Installed Parts - Tax exempt flag ignored when part is sold to "installed" ro

  • When dealer toggles warranty on labor hours are changed to 0.00 

  • Requested Service - When MU Deal is Completed and has open requested RO user cannot edit Job Description

  • Service RO Fiche - Fiche button within RO opening to wrong model in fiche

Service Manager Pro Integration

  • Service Manager Pro - Job Not Being Created "Sometimes" When There Are Superseded Parts

  • Service Manager Pro Labor Times - Hours and Warranty Hours are Flipped

  • Service Manager Pro - Needs to open in users default browser

*Release # D2020-01-20; D2020-01-21; D2020-01-28

   Operations (DMS) System Updates

  • Dx1 T&C Addendum - CCPA

  • BRP Dealer Master - Updated API

  • CS Tool - Upgrading AngularJS

  • CS Tool - Update NuGet and other dependencies

  • Install latest Hot Fix from AR (Agent Monitoring & Memory Leaks)

  • Convert HEIC Result on sprodpod2

  • FD - Reports are are sometimes being cached

  • DTU peak on Eprodpod1 (Rusty Palmer Inc) - Resizing issue

  • More Win 10 App Crashes Since Last Release

*Release # D2020-02-11

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