DX1 DMS/Operations Release January 13, 2020

 Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

Major Unit

  • Generic MU BOS Changes (released in mid December)

    • We added the Financed Amount to the BOS form, we use the following logic:

      • It will ONLY show the Financed Amount if there is a Lienholder AND the Financed amount is > $0.00

      • It will pull the Financed Amount from the "Amount Financed" field in the F&I section, it does NOT pull it from the Lienholder MOP

      • If there is more than one unit on the deal financed by the same Lienholder it will combine them to one total financed amount

    • If there are two different Lienholders it will split them out and show the amount for each Lienholder
      We also changed the logic for the Requested Parts listed on the BOS, previously we were hiding the table if the total Part Sale Amount was $0.00, we now count the number of part numbers and if it is > 0 we show the table.  we still hide any part line item where the Qty = 0.


  • Service Manager Pro Integration is now live! - DX1 is excited to announce integration with Service Manager Pro! Benefit from the time savings of no longer having to manually enter data from Service Manager Pro into DX1.


 Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release

Windows 10 App

  • Win 10 App Crashes - We have improved the stability of the DX1 Windows 10

  • Fix Javascript Error - These were causing Win 10 App Crashes

Major Unit

  • Could not send MU report by email

  • FD# 66543 - Payment note is not available for forms printing


  • Invoice Stacking - Found error when combine MISC Part with zero gross amount

  • Parts set to Not Update Prices are Updating and overwriting dealer pricing

  • Infragistics Parts Entry - Confusing to New Users in Parts/Service

  • FD# 62002 - Parts Sales - Parts Sales screen inconsistent when using tab to navigate to the next field 

  • FD# 66550 - Parts Reports - Lost Sales not displaying on part adjustment history report 


  • Service Manager Pro Integration - Common Job need to implement a rule that states: when labor hours = 0 bring over flat dollar amount

  • Multiple jobs being auto added to estimate when add job from Customer's Custom Unit

  • FD 59962 - Tabs sometimes missing in Service Repair Order (Chrome/IE)


  • DMV Vendors sometimes mapped to terms on initial set up

*Release # D2020-01-13

 Operations (DMS) Hotfix Bug Fixes 


  • FD# 65304 - unable to complete parts invoice

  • Balance Due after Combining Invoices

  • Unable to Uncomplete Part Invoice

  • Polaris part not found at Motor Vation Inc but can find it in DX1 Support - 5453689-070


  • FD#66023 Service - Parts are double taxed on Repair Order, but show the right percentage in the Invoice

Major Unit

  • FD#65993 Major Units - Unable to remove a Co Buyer from an invoice after it is been saved

  • FD# 68105 - report errors out when run

*Release # D2019-12-02; D2019-12-16; D2019-12-18; D2020-01-08

   Operations (DMS) System Updates

  • Windows 10 App - Update Nuget, Application Insights and other dependencies

  • Remove PartInvoiceV1 code from the DX1

  • Remove flag for New Parts Invoicing from database and apply feature to all dealers

  • Remove db flag for Invoice Stacking and activate feature for all dealers 

  • DX1 - Update Nuget and other dependencies

  • Upgrade Dx1 IgniteUI from v2018.1 to v2019.1

  • Creating logging infrastructure

  • New Dealership Setup - Set Default Start #s for MU, Service and Parts invoices

  • Adjust Dealership Add-On Billing Information Report to include SMP Feature

  • In Manage, Add Vendor to a Dealer, Need to see Last Update Date for Price Files and Most Recent Year for Showroom Data (to know that a price file is still being updated)

  • Consolidate DX1 Database related method (call sproc, query) to use same infra method

  • Global Webjob - Update NuGet and other dependencies

  • DX1 Consolidate how to call service from Model class to be same way

  • Update filter on [dx3].[uspRSDealerProductTypeAccount] SP (used for DX1 to QBs Accounting Mappings report)

  • DB Performance Fixes: Reports

  • There is always additional blank page when printing in New Edge or Chrome

  • Error - Object reference not set to an instance of an object -/api/Invoicing/ReProcessVeriFonePayment

  • Error - System.FormatException at Dx1.Web.apis.IdentityController+<>c.<GetCurrentDealership>b__1_0

  • Error Log - System.ArgumentNullException at Dx1.Web.apis.Reporting.ReportsController+<ExportActiveReport>d__0.MoveNext

  • AI Error - WebJob - Callback \'OnNext\' failed for id = \'0\'. Exception: System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 

  • Error Log - System.ArgumentNullException at ASP._Page_Views_Reports_ActiveReports_ActiveReportEditor_cshtml.Execute

*Release # D2020-01-13

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