DX1 DMS/Operations Release November 18, 2019

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release


  • Combine Invoice Enhancements - Based on the initial feedback from dealers we have made the following enhancements to this feature:

    • Users need a way to tell the status of an invoice - we have added a Colored Status Icon - S/O Pickup.

      • When no icon is displayed the invoice is in the On-Hold status

    • Users need a way to tell the status of Special Orders:

      • Green - All Parts Received

      • Blue - No Parts Received

      • Yellow - Partially Received

      • Red - Backordered Parts

      • Orange - Partially Received with Backorder

    • Users need to Print the invoice from the Combine Invoice popup - we have added print icon



  • For Dealers transitioning from Lightspeed NXT to DX1 we can now import and include Miles In / Out in LS Service History report

Major Unit

  • Allow user to set the Date on the DX1 Multi Unit Bill of sale form - you can now enter a date on the MU Forms list page for any unit and it will be reflected as the Date on the DX1 Multi Unit Bill of sale.  If you do not enter a date and the deal is still open the BOS will default to the Deal Create date, if the deal is posted and you do not enter a date the BOS will default to the Deal Post date.

  • Add Lienholder Amount to the data model we use for the generic MU BOS - this will allow us to eventually add the Lienholder amount to the generic MU BOS


  • Fix Pinks Phase 1 - Log DX1 Source Account for all Part Sale Accounting Postings - this is the first step toward a feature we plan to release next year that will make Fixing Pink Accounting postings much easier 

 Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • FD 63786 - In certain scenarios incorrect accounting entries were being created for MU Deals with SO Parts - this has been fixed

  • FD 58679 - In certain situations for multi location dealers the JEs created for Cash MOP were not being combined to one entry - this is now fixed

  • Customer Sales History Report not running in scenarios where a customer had a very long phone number - this is now fixed


  • FD# 37240 - Service - "Are you sure you want to discard changes" message coming up in error - this has now been cleaned up

  • FD# 62231 - Multiple jobs being auto added to estimate from scheduler - this is now fixed


  • FD#56995 - In certain situations for multi location dealers there was an Error finding Method of Payment - we have added logic to prevent this from happening. 

  • Invoice Stacking - Due to rounding, we were sometimes ending up with an invoice balance of $0.01 instead $0.00 after combined all qty to another invoice - this is now fixed

*Release # D2018-11-18

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