DX1 DMS/Operations Release November 4, 2019

 Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

Major Unit

  • Installed Tax Settings by Body Type

    • We have numerous dealers located in states that charge Tax for Installed Parts and Labor based on the unit’s Body Type when the unit is sold.  The Tax can be different from one Body Type to the next in some states while in other states Tax it’s charged for some Body Types and others are exempt from Tax.  


3rd Party Integrations

  • Polaris APIs - In this release we have upgraded the following Polaris Integrations to use the newest version of the Polaris APIs:

    • GetPartsLocator - Functionality for this feature will not change in DX1

     Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • FD# 57044 - QBO Sync - AR Account Balance updates working inconsistently - we found that in some rare cases QBs assigned the same identifier to different account types (Customers, Vendors, GL accounts etc) so it was possible to have an AR Customer and a GL account with the same identifier and so when we imported the balances from QBs in to DX1 one would overwrite the other.  We now use a combination of the identifier and the type so this should no longer happen.

  • BRP RISE - Error When Importing Data from QBs - some dealers are using a combination of Account Numbers and Account Names and just Account Names that include numbers in the same COA.  In QBs you have to have unique Account Names but some dealers have account names that include numbers “123456 - Parts Income” and other accounts that have that same number as a number.  When this happened it created this error so we have now added logic to handle this situation. 


  • FD# 59349 - Service Sales - In certain scenarios the system may load for an unusually long period when adding a unit to a Repair Order, this has been resolved

  • FD#62456 - Repair Order - An issue was reported where the color changes to the body type when adding a quick add to a Repair Order, this has been resolved


  • FD# 58936 - DX1 Fiche - Search by vin not pulling the correct unit, this has been enhanced to display all possible models when more than one match is possible

*Release # D2018-11-04

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