DX1 DMS/Operations Release October 21, 2019

 Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release


  • Parts Invoice Stacking

    • Our dealers have been asking for the ability to take multiple parts invoices and combine them into one.  With this release we have made this possible, dealers now have the ability to combine on-hold invoice and special order invoice into one invoice for cashiering.


3rd Party Integrations

  • Polaris APIs - In this release we have upgraded the following Polaris Integrations to use the newest version of the Polaris APIs:

    • GetDealers - Used in Manage to look up and validate Polaris dealer data.

    • GetVehicleSpecifications - Used in Service - a lot more detail is now returned including links to additional media like, Safety Alerts, Owners Manuals and Team tips


  • GetVehicleServiceHistory - Used in Service

  • GetServicePlanInformation - Used in Service

  • GetPromotions - Used in MU Deals to look up the currently available promotions for a model for a specific dealer / region.  Additional detail is now being provided.


  • DB Performance fixes: Fiche

    Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release

Major Unit

  • FD# 61537 - There was an issue where the Trade In unit details were not showing up after being added to a MU Deal, this has been resolved


  • Requested Service - When Major Unit Deal is Completed and has open requested RO user cannot edit Resolution and Recommended Repairs, this has been enabled and the user can now edit 

  • FD# 61659 - There was an issue where Units were not showing on the Repair Order after being added to the customer's garage, this has been resolved


  • Manage - (Internal Only) Can not see some Tax field values in certain scenarios

*Release # D2018-10-21

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