Marketing Release September 23, 2019

 Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

Facebook Marketplace Control Panel

Facebook Marketplace panel is now added in Listing Inventory. Dealers will be able to control and manage Facebook Marketplace listings from here.


Counter on Finance Application Tile

Finance Application Tile will now display the total number of new FA. 

  • Total will include only FA that have not been processed.

  • Total will not include applications that are more than 90 days old.


 Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Changed Lead Matching Rules for Incoming Phone Leads (CallSource Leads).

  • Fixed an issue where offer section disappeared from the listing inventory page if a special character was saved in the Offer Name field.

  • Fixed an issue where deleted Scheduled Actions were appearing on "Vehicle Leads Scheduled Actions by Salesperson" Report

  • Fixed an issue where inventory form fields zoomed-in on focus in iOS

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