Marketing Release September 9, 2019

 Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

Polaris FAC Page on All Polaris Program Websites


Shift Harley Leads generated from DX1 website in Lead Manager

We are now posting all Harley leads for Harley Program dealers  in to DX1 lead manager.

  • All harley leads will appear in DX1 and will be sent to Shift Digital.This way dealers will get all their leads even if not using a Harley certified CRM. 

  • Harley leads will NOT be transmitted to any other external destinations( eg. TLP or E-Lead) from DX1. This will ensure that dealers that uses (TLP or E-Lead) as their Harley certified CRM will not get duplicate leads in their CRM.

  • All other vehicle leads that are not for Harley units will still go to external destinations if these destinations are active in DX1 Lead Manager..

Showroom Full Line up Model list display

We changed the grouping rule for our Full line up Model List Display from only “Manufacturing Type” to “Product Category and Manufacturing Type”.We made this change because we recently noticed Yamaha SnowMobiles  and Trail dirt bikes were grouped together under TRAIL as they both have same Manufacturing Type. See Picture  

 Grouping rule  change will resolve issues like this and the grouping will look more accurate.


 Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Adjusted how lead details appear in lead manager when multiple vehicles are sent in ADF emails

  • Fixed an issue where units with hide price toggle On, displayed price in the newsletter.

  • Fixed  [[Salesperson]] Merge Code in email templates that rendered the User Name as  ‘Last, First’, Its is now ‘First, Last.

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