Marketing Release August 5, 2019

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

Social Marketing Tab Updates

  1. Navigation  links on Social tile  that no longer worked due to Facebook restrictions were removed. Twitter was removed as well. Below is the list that is no longer available in the left hand navigation menu in Social Marketing Page.

    • Compose Posts

    • Schedule Posts

    • Broadcasted Posts

    • Social Feeds

    • Direct Messages 

    • Social Networks

    • Syndication

  1. Social Media RSS and Facebook Marketplace were added in the left hand navigation menu in Social Marketing Page.

    • Social Media RSS: This page contains information on how to access RSS Feed and links on how to post inventory and promotion using third party social media management tools such as and Hootsuite. 

    • Facebook Marketplace : This page contains information on adding Facebook Marketplace. For the dealers that already has Facebook Marketplace, this page will display the message that Facebook Marketplace is active.


Rejected Leads from Shift gets posted in DX1

All Polaris leads if not accepted by shift gets posted in DX1 lead Manager. This applies to all the participating Dealerships in shift/Polaris program. This is a rare occurrence and is typically some issue external to DX1. This change ensures all Dealers get their leads.

 Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

* No marketing bug fixes in this release

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