Marketing Release July 22, 2019

 Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

Shift Digital Polaris Leads - Vehicle Details Displayed in UOI Section

The model information attached to any DX1 generated lead after being processed by Shift Digital used to come in as plain text and used to be posted in the Lead information area of the lead in DX1 Lead Manager. To save our customers some time and hassle of re-entering the vehicle details in the lead manager, we now directly display the vehicle details in UOI section of the lead

Featured Inventory Limit Set to 25 unit maximum

When we moved the Showroom List settings into DX1, the limit on the number of units that could be displayed in the Featured Inventory template was removed. We are adding the maximum limit back to 25 units.

 Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Website) Fixed Event list view not displaying most recent event on the top of Page 1

  • (Website) Fixed an issue where past events were  displaying on Website in List View

  • (Website) Fixed an issue where  calendar view was not displaying in Events in IE 11

  • (Website) Fixed an issue where events calendar update had weird behaviors

  • (Website) Fixed ADA error on Event calendar page

  • (Website) Fixed an issue where incorrect number of inventory displayed  when year was selected in Algolia search (Issue appeared in IE browser only)

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