Marketing Release July 8, 2019

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • Sending New units to Facebook Marketplace

We can now send listings to Facebook Marketplace for 'new' inventory.

  • Lifestyle Showroom Changes for Single Line Dealers

We have made some changes on the display option of the Grid/Lifestyle View showroom that carry single OEMs.  When a user goes to the Manufacturer Model page, they are directly taken to Lifestyle Grid displaying Categories, Model Family, or Type. For single line dealers, this will get customers to a specific model more quickly.

  • Showroom Display by "Model Family" 


Model family allows grouping of models to match manufacturer grouping rather than the DX1 product category and types.

For example, we could group Polaris 2-Seat and 4-seat Ranger models into a single ‘Ranger’ model family so that all models can display together under the ‘Ranger’ heading.

* This is currently only being used for Harley; we may expand this in the future.

  • Custom HD Showroom
    New showroom for Harley-Davidson Shift program Example

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Lead Manager) Fixed an issue when printed lead list report was not displaying Trade-In data  

  • (Website) Fixed an issue where Forms were displaying incomplete "required" messages

  • (Website) Fixed an issue when performing a search on the New In-Stock Inventory page was  redirecting to the All Inventory page instead of remaining on the current page.

  • (Website) Fixed an issue when searching by Marketing type was not displaying any result on showroom search

  • (Website) Fixed an issue when submitting a form was redirecting to incorrect page

  • (Lead Manager) Fixed an issue where Error message was displaying when trying to print Finance Application

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