Marketing Release June 10, 2019

 Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • Events Updates

    • Ability to create and manage Recurring Events

      • Daily

      • Weekly

      • Monthly

    • Added All day Indicator for Events

    • Updated Editor for Event Description to support HTML, Links, Video Links and Additional Photo

    • Location name and address in Events defaults to Dealership name and address for faster input
    • City is removed as required field as some events do not take place in cities

  • Sheffield Financial Application Form
    For dealers who need to submit finance information to Sheffield Financial, we’ve added a new finance application that contains all the information to submit the application. This means less time spent gathering additional information; financing can more quickly be processed to get the customer into the sales process faster.


  • HD Shift Required Program Work

    • HD - Lead Transmission to ShiftDigital

    • HD Shift Reporting Files

    • HD ShiftDigital - Analytics and Click Tracking

    • Shift/Harley-Davidson Control in Manage

  • Updated Facebook Marketplace Feed for Powersports

    • Changes to allow posting of units without VIN and miles (PWC, ATVs, SxS and others)

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Website) Fixed issue with Orphaned Algolia Inventory that happens when a marketing only customer is upgraded to E2E

  • (Ecommerce) Fixed an issue when Catalog Cover Image was not correctly appearing in Catalog

  • (Website) Fixed Brochure Printing issue when printing from the Window 10 app and Edge. The print out started to look broken in the latest version of Edge.

  • (Ecommerce) Fixed an issue when wish list shared from certain email domain failed to deliver in user's inbox due to DMARC rules.

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