Marketing Release March 25, 2019

 Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

New Slideshow Ordering Options

We're making some changes to the DX1 slideshow to help you have more control over promotional images and also meet and advertising co-op requirements!

Default Image Ordering
New Options for default image sorting include:

  • Custom: This is the current default. New promotion images will appear in the first position as they are approved, and all images can be manually re-ordered at any time.

  • Newest Images First: New images will always appear first.

  • Newest Images Last: New images will always appear at the ‘end’ of the slide show

  • Expiration Date Ascending: Images with the nearest expiration date will always appear first.

  • Expiration Date Descending: Images with the latest expiration date will always appear first.

  • Sort Images by Manufacturer: This option allows you to customize the order in which manufacturer images appear in the slideshow, regardless of when they are added.

  • Random: Images will always appear in random order each time the page is loaded.

 Sort Images by Manufacturer
When this option is selected, you can drag and drop manufacturer logos to set a default ordering on images; you may also simply select the ‘Show First’ option to keep a specific manufacturer in the first position. You may also select Hide to remove specific manufacturer images completely.


Changes to Inventory Discounts

We have changed ‘Discounts’ to be described as ‘Offers’ as a more consistent description. Discounts can encompass factory rebates, Dealership discounts, or various other items. ‘Offer’ is a more standardized description

Character count on offer descriptions has also been increased to 30 characters to allow more descriptive labeling.

 Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Websites) Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would lock on to the section image in parts fiche in some browsers

  • (Websites) Fixed an issue where slideshow images did not load correctly when scrolling from the 'last' image back to the 'first' image and would momentarily appear to be broken

  • (Newsletter) Updated subscriber import to skip invalid emails instead of failing the entire import

  • (Websites) Fixed instances where the new DX1 search (Algolia) caused other page modules to throw errors and not load

  • (Websites) Fixed an issue where a toll-free number associated with a paid search campaign was not properly toggled

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