DX1 DMS/Operations Release August 5, 2019

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release


  • (Same) "Similar Parts" in Multiple Catalogs (Data Only) - In a continued effort to improve user experience we have added additional logic to “same” parts that reside in multiple catalogs from the same vendor.

    • BRP (Can-Am, Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo)

    • Kawasaki (Jet Ski)

    • Honda (AquaTrax)

    • KTM/Husqvarna

    • Textron/Arctic Cat 

  • Known Issues

    • Similar Parts Window

      • All parts appear to be In-Inventory (Black - Not Red)

      • Non-Inventory parts cannot be added to the invoice (Red)

Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • FD# 53890 - On the confirmation screen to submit a WPS order to Western Powersports the word confirm is misspelled as comfirm - This has been resolved.


  • Fix Bugs - Honda iN

    • Honda Account Mapping Page

      • System does not popup a warning msg. to ask user to save changes when user has selected an account then change tab/page

      • System should default every Profit Center with 20% 

      • Default Ratios Percentage should align to right not left

      • Default Ratios Percentage should have Total Percentage (summary of percentage)  

      • Auto Map Account Button should use refresh icon (see sample in MU Invoice - Method of Payment)

      • When select Honda Account = 72400, Profit Center should display only "Service"

      • System should not populate the Save Changes? popup when user click "Cancel" button with does not change anything yet

      • When user click "Cancel" button in the Save Changes? popup, system should navigate user to DX1 Dashboard

      • Need to hide Profit Center dropdown for these accounts 79600, 79700 and 79900

    • Accounting App - Composite Reports

      • Honda Financials button should disappear in case Dealership does not have authorized Honda Manufacturer

Major Unit

  • FD# 53864 - Major Unit Invoice list shows the same list for first 5 pages - When sorting the major unit invoice list page by type the first 5 pages were being duplicated - This has been resolved.


  • DX1 freeze when returning parts - When a DX1 User does not have the proper permissions to return parts, the system would crash when attempting to return parts - This has been resolved.

  • FD - Report data being Cached even though Caching is turned Off - Reports are no longer being cached and be runs and then rerun without issue

  • Error converting value {null} to type 'System.Decimal'. Pat Error 

*Release # D2018-08-05 

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