DX1 DMS/Operations Release June 10th

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release


  • DX1 Fiche for DMS - We have Updated the Marketing Tile and Marketing HTML Content for the newly re-released Fiche for DMS.  For additional exposure we have added the Marketing signup tile to the Service section of the DX1 Dashboard.


  • Log API Calls and Responses in AI - We are now logging our BRP / WPS Parts Ordering and BRP RISE Composite Reporting API calls and associated responses in Application Insights.  This makes troubleshooting much easier.
  • System Update Typescript 3.4

3rd Party Integrations

  • BRP Composite Report - Final Changes - It was requested by BRP RISE that all Credits be sent as Negative numbers, and all Debits be sent as Positive numbers, this is now implemented.
  • WPS Ordering - Add hard coded parameters for all WPS orders sent from DX1 Dev and Test Environments - When internally testing the WPS Parts Ordering interface we need to make sure that we always set hold_order = true and comment1 = "DO NOT SHIP! HOLD FOR WPS IT" so that WPS does not ship the order.  We have added logic so that these parameters are now always set when orders are created from our Dev or Test environments or one of our internal DX1 dealerships in Production.

    Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • FD# 428250 - After updating the Parts invoicing grid the part number field was misaligned on Safari for Mac, this has been resolved and now displays properly

  • Prior to updating the Parts Invoicing grid when using the arrow keys on the keyboard users were able to navigate up and down or side to side.  After the upgrade using arrows on the keyboard in the parts invoicing screen would increase or decrease quantity or value.  This has been resolved and users can again navigate as expected.

Major Unit

  • MU BOS - Stock Numbers were not showing for F&I products - this has now been resolved.  This is important on multi unit deals as it helps the customer associate the F&I product with the right unit.
  • FD# 39959 - MU XML - Deal data not matching XML Data new XML Needed - These XML fields are used to populate the MU deal forms, we have added: TotalPartDSP, TotalPartTax and TotalServiceTax as they were needed to populate certain forms.


  • Cannot save Service Invoice - Found error "Error occurred during the action. Please try again" - This issue happened when a part was added to a Work Estimate that did not have default Salesperson and the Work Estimate was converted to an RO.  This has now been resolved.
  • FD# - W10 App - W10 App crashes when completing parts invoice attached to RO from the Parts invoicing screen this has now been resolved.


  • [Error Log] Verifone - Object reference not set to an instance of an object - This was the result of a behind the scenes error that occurred if the same invoice was open in 2 tabs and the user attempted to take a Verifone payment, it has now been resolved.

*Release # D2018-06-10

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