DX1 DMS/Operations Release March 25th

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release


  • Implement Parts Invoice Grid (IG V 2018)
    • New Shipping Icon
    • New Restocking Fee Icon
      • In an effort to make things cleaner, in this release we implemented an updated Parts Invoice grid, the new grid features a new Shipping Icon for special order parts as well as a new Restocking Fee Icon for returns.

  • Parts Invoicing - (Parts and Service) - Add Cost+ Discounting for parts
    • In Parts Invoicing - (Parts and Service) - we added the ability to calculate part prices based on a Cost Plus discount in addition to the already available Retail Discount.

    Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release

Major Unit

  • AR MU BOS - Fix issue with default Condition for non inventory units and Missing Customer Phone / Zip
  • Major Unit Invoice - DX1 Cannot add Trade-In by VIN Search
  • MU Sales / Incentives - Adding a customer cashback incentive from the main deal screen does not apply correctly
  • MU Sales - Polaris integrated incentives not coming into DX1 as customer cashback 


  • System recalculate incorrect value on qty of S/O and Lwy. In case user input qty of So + Lwy > Q/A. 
  • Remove Click OK button for update cost in inventory in warehouse lookup
  • Parts Physical Inventory - Add disclaimer about negative inventory to physical inventory screen
  • Parts-When looking at similar parts new description does not reflect change


  • Verifone Payment - Payment note not saving when taking verifone credit card payment


  • Revenue Detail report sometimes showing Non Taxable Setup amount as Taxable (Part 1)
  • Parts returned twice in New WIP Report


  • Incorrect Default Role Permissions
  • Notification Title is not displaying title properly

*Release # D2018-03-25

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