Marketing Release March 11, 2019

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • Inventory & Promotions RSS Feeds
    Inventory and Manufacturer promotions can now be shared to other services using our new inventory RSS feed! RSS is a standardized way to share content across the internet. This feature can be used to share new postings to other listing services or social services like HootSuite!

    You can find these feeds using these URLs:


  • Adding notes is no longer required when updating a lead to ‘Bad’ or ‘Lost’ status. The lead note will be pre-populated with the selected status.


Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Newsletter) Fixed an issue where images for Private Models did not appear in the newsletter inventory module

  • (Websites) Fixed an issue where the Showroom grid did not update after applying new settings

  • (Websites) Fixed an issue where units that were no longer available for purchase still appeared in the new showroom search

  • (Websites) Fixed style issues with 'Model color' on the inventory card view that prevented the text from being visible in some instances

  • (Inventory) Fixed an issue where videos were not removed from inventory units when the associated model record was updated

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