Marketing Release February 25, 2019

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • Parts Fiche Thumbnails (DX1 Fiche Only)
    For those dealers using the DX1 web fiche or the DX1 DMS Parts Finder, we’ve made updates to the interface to more easily navigate through models and parts sections. With a left hand section list and large thumbnails, it’s far easier to locate the parts needed to make purchases and service your customers. Additional enhancements were made for DMS customers.

Model Selector Update


Section Selector with Thumbnails


Navigation Arrows on the Section Detail for Easier Navigation Within the Selected Model & Changed Gray Image Background 

  • Web forms have been updated to display the numeric keyboard on mobile devices when inputting numeric content, such as currency or phone numbers

  • Inventory offers will now appear on your CycleTrader listings, beneath the description-


Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Websites) Fixed an issue where photos taken in the DX1 listing inventory app did not properly appear in the new DX1 showroom results

  • (Websites) Corrected an error in the SEO module preventing tabs from appearing correctly

  • (Data Distribution) Corrected image ordering on Facebook Marketplace to match DX1

  • (Data Distribution) Fixed an issue where special unit pricing appeared on CycleTrader as 'MSRP'

  • (Websites) Changes and optimizations to the web platform that will improve page load times. The largest benefits will be seen on mobile devices, where reductions in file loads and connections will result in a faster user experience. It is expected that sites will improvements in performance metrics- in Google page speed, for example.

  • (Websites) This update will allow the 'Full Line-up' link in the new DX1 showroom to show only the latest models

  • (Websites) HTML module spell checker fixed

  • (Websites) Fixed an issue where the website persona bar did not appear in Safari

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