DX1 DMS/Operations Release February 4th

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

  • System
    • Upgrade to AR 12 Reports Server

  Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Accounting
    • Accounting entries not always created for restocking fee on parts invoice
    • AR Customers - AR Customer detail not showing up immediately on invoicing screens
    • Verifone Payment - Payment taken and processed but not showing in DX1
    • CC Processing - Old CC processing - CC payment taken and applied to deal with no authorization number payment not actually taken
    • QBO - Transactions fail to post to QBO and no explanation is given
  • Major Units
    • MU Sales - Unable to Post MU Deal
  • Parts
    • Enable Print Button in Vendor Returns Prior to Completion
    • V2 Parts Invoicing (iPad Only) Cannot Add Parts
    • Scrolling Issue In Parts Invoices - V2
    • All Invoicing (iPad Only) discount hyperlink focus on cancel button when press go
    • Adding a part to parts order jumps screen back to the top of the list of parts (Part Receiving)
  • Service
    • RO Print - RO printout showing HTML Text
  • Reports
    • When users are deactivated in DX1 we need to delete all report schedules associated with that user
    • Parts Invoices with Tax & Reseller Information report is not pulling in Reseller Information
  • System
    • Install ARs Hotfix (Case 267841) Sorting Column does not work properly in Grouping Report (ARs12)
    • Fix code analysis for compile TS error & warning

*Release # D2019-2-4

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