Marketing Release January 7, 2019

Information on today's marketing code release. The complete list of marketing features and fixes are displayed below; functionality or fixes released for the DMS and Operations areas of DX1 will be included in a separate notification.

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  •     Inventory Listing Improvements
    We’ve made some handy changes to improve efficiency in managing your website inventory.

    • Use the new VIN search to quickly find the exact model you’d like to add to inventory. Simply enter the VIN and select the model from the results and all pricing, specifications and stock photos will be populated- no more sifting through lists to find what you’re looking for!

  • Have questions about updates to your listings? Keep tabs on inventory updates in the ‘Last Updated’ column. You’ll now see the date the listing was last changed and the name of the user making the update.The column is also sortable, allowing you to quickly see the most recent changes.

  • Consumers want photos when browsing products-the more the better. Quickly identify units that could use a photo boost with the new indicator next to the ‘Edit Images’ link- telling you exactly how many images are active for each listing.

  • Re-Open Closed Leads
    Make a mistake with a sale? Get a call back from a lead you thought was cold and long gone? All leads with any ‘Closed’ status can now be set to ‘New’*. - this includes lead marked as ’Bad,’ ‘Lost,’ or ‘Expired.’

    *Leads transmitted to external systems cannot be re-opened.

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • [Listing Inventory] Strip HTML tags from unit descriptions and attributes when sending to Craigslist

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