Marketing Release December 17th 2018

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • (Website) Improved Showroom Search
    We are excited to announce an improved showroom search for DX1 website customers.


    • It is no longer necessary to click a ‘Submit’ button to retrieve results

    • Results appear instantaneously when new filters are applied

    • Results update dynamically and instantly  as you enter text in the ‘Keyword’ search

This feature is now in beta and will be available to all dealers in the coming future. For more information, or to see a demo of the search in action, contact your account manager today!

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Website) Fixed a layout issue in showroom where unit price overlapped location 

  • (Website) Alignment fix for showroom grid where a single unit in a line appeared aligned to the far right

  • (Website) FD# 30733: Fixed an issue where model names could disappear from showroom 

  • (Website) Fixed an issue where inventory image captions did not appear in the website tooltip

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