Marketing Release November 28th 2018

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • (Showroom) Gradual Transition of Model Years

A challenge you face today is keeping showroom models up to date on your DX1 website. When new year models are released, you must choose between displaying the latest model year (2019, for example), or the current year (2018). This can cause confusion, as the latest models may not be in stock or available, and consumers may not see the current year models that are in-stock and available. 

Now you can keep your showroom up to date with the newest models in a single view without the need to toggle years!

Showroom Today  - Single Year Model View Only

New Showroom option - Current Model View Across Years


  • Allow Re-Opening of Expired Leads
    It is currently not possible to re-open leads that have expired according to the rule set in lead settings. We will now allow leads to be set to ‘New’ status after they have expired.

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Listing Inventory) Removed Geebo and RVShopper from Inventory Distributions - These distributions did not sufficiently drive traffic or leads and so have been removed

  • (Listing Inventory) Removed Carsoup from Inventory Destinations - Carsoup no longer accepts inventory feeds

  • (Websites) Corrected an issue where the Proposition 65 Warning did not appear when clicked on ecommerce sites

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