Release Notification: DX1 DMS/Operations Release November 5th

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

  • System
    • We have added the ability to chat with DX1 Support into the DMS

  Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Accounting
    • Zip code not populating city in vendor screens
    • Trade-In Clearing JE Missing From Re Complete Transaction when Pick Up SO For Deal With A Trade-In
    • Parts receiving adjustment created a payable not bill credit
    • Duplicate Manufacturer Vendor sometimes being created when adding a Warranty Vendor
  • Reports
    • Tuning Performance - Cashier Reconciliation by MOP Report
    • Customer Owned Units report fails to load when dealer has a lot of data
  • Parts
    • SMS Default Setting - Set "Fully Received" to Active
  • Major Unit
    • Email Templates pricing issue with automated lead responder
    • MU Forms Printing - Forms Printing no longer working on latest Mac OS version
  • Service
    • Standard Job Templates coming up for models not selected
  • System
    • Invoicing / Invoice email - Dealer unable to email invoices to customers
    • Active Report Viewer - Need to hide feature "Save as to docx" and "save as to CSV File"
    • CPU stuck at 100% on various Dx1 webapps.
    • Create new page for Print in new Windows 10 to open in edge
    • Add Account Management email alias to all add-on feature billing emails
    • Error - Value cannot be null.Parameter name  -PartsInventory/General - GetDealerInventoryPartSeasonalSetting
    • Error - Value cannot be null.Parameter name - Accounting/OpenDealerCashier
    • Error - Error converting value {null} to type 'System.Decimal'. Pat - /ServiceInvoicing/SaveServiceInvoicing
    • Error - Value cannot be null.Parameter name - PartsReceiving/UpdatePartsReceivingPo
    • Error - Value cannot be null.Parameter - NotificationMessage/GetNotificationHistoryforUser
    • Error - Value cannot be null.Parameter name - Note/GetNotes
    • Error - Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.PartCategory - /PartsInventory/InsertDealerInventoryPartDetail
    • Error - Value cannot be null.Parameter name - /api/Dealership/GetDealerAccountListMapSimple
    • Error - DX1-nprodpod4(RD00155DF95473)- HondaoftheOzark,,143

*Release # D2018-11-05

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