Release Notes: Marketing Release October 8th

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • Multiple Locations, One Website
    Do you have more than one location set up in DX1 with a separate dashboard for each Dealership? Do you only use a single DX1 website to market all of your locations?

        We've made some improvements that will make it easier for consumers to reach the correct location and for your sales staff to respond to leads.

    - Contact forms (Contact Us, Parts, Service, etc) will display a location selector that will direct the submitted information to the correct Dealership

    - Consumers can see the physical location of a unit when viewing the unit details on your

    - Receive leads and notifications for all Dealerships with a single User account- no more creating multiple User accounts to get access to auto-leads assignments. One account is all you’ll need!

  • Move or Hide the ‘DX1 Resources’ Section
    By now you know that at DX1 we are always ready and willing to give you a helping hand. We offer a general support team, online help resources, and even specific Account Managers dedicated to helping you succeed. But we also know you need to get some work done.

    We've added an option to move the DX1 Resources section to the far right of the dashboard, or to hide it altogether. Every User in your Dealership can make their own decision on how to display this section; it can be found in the 'My Account' section (Click on your initials at the top right of the Dashboard, then 'My Account') *Changes will take place on your next login

  • Quickly Close Cold Leads 

Have a lead you know is going nowhere? We've introduced a new way to quickly hide those dead ends so you can focus on the Prospects that are ready to go to the next level and get that new bike, ATV or other toy. Mark a lead 'Bad' or 'Lost' from the lead list using the new 'B' and 'L' buttons. No need to waste any more time wearing out your mouse by clicking into the lead detail.

* Leads closed this way will be marked as 'Bad Contact Info' or 'Lost - Other' (We would say 'Not cool enough to work with us', but that's just mean)

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Showroom) Can-Am Renegade models will now display the correct 49 or 50 state models in the DX1 website showroom depending on the location of your dealership.  

  • (Showroom) Dressed up the 'Compare Products' screen with a few graphic tweaks. 

  • Fixed an issue where all leads, regardless of type, were assigned according to 'Day of the Week' custom rules.

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