Release Notification: DX1 DMS/Operations Release October 8th

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

  • Major Unit
    • We have added the ability to start a major unit quote from within our newly released Major Unit Profit screen

  • Accounting
    • MU Accounting - Entries now being made when processing Installed / Non-Installed parts or service associated with MUs when transferred out of inventory
  • Parts
    • Textron - Parts Order Export

   Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Accounting
    • Warranty RO AR Reference being truncated
  • Reports - Accounting
    • Transaction Date Shown on Tax and Revenue Reports is Incorrect for Uncompleted Parts Invoices
    • Taxable Amount and Tax Collected Shown on Tax and Revenue Reports Not Always Matching Deal and Postings
  • Parts
    • SMS sending partially received text when it has been turned off in settings
    • Add Purchase order number in the memo field for Kawasaki parts order export
  • Major Unit
    • Unit Profit - Can save without input of required fields
  • Service
    • Fix Service Invoice Print (<p> tag issue)
  • System
    • Add Authorized User Count to the Internal Dealership Billing Report

*Release # D2018-10-08

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