Release Notification: Marketing Release September 10th

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • (Showroom) Re-added major unit VIN to the brochure and set visibility to be inherited from the source module setting

  • (Planner) Removed the 'Calling From' field requirement in the Planner and prepopulated the field with the main dealership number

  • (Newsletter) Removed the limit on sending test newsletters; multiple email addresses can now also be used, separated by commas

  • (Newsletter) Regenerate subscriber lists for newsletters daily- this will result in more updated lists being used where a newsletter is scheduled in advance

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • (Planner) Fixed an error thrown in planner when an email template was deleted

  • (UI) Removed a rogue dash in the DX1 support number in the DX1 Resources dash section

  • (Website) Fixed an issue where the homepage search bar was redirecting incorrectly in some configurations

  • (Website) Fixed an error on Brand Integrity sites when attempting to submit a lead

  • (Website) Updated the HTML editor version on Brand Integrity sites to correct errors

  • (Website) Fixed an issue where models did not appear correctly when viewing multiple Brand Integrity sites in a single session

  • (UI) Removed unnecessary links in the legacy DX1 E-commerce section; now is just a single link

  • (Events) Fixed an issue where the 'City' value did not save correctly when creating a private zip code in the events screen

  • (Lead Manager) Changed the 'Calls' toggle logic on the lead list to remove all call leads, even those that are 'In Progress'

  • (Listing Inventory) Fixed an issue where inactive units where included in the results when 'All' was selected in the inventory list for external destinations (Cycletrader, for example)

  • (Listing Inventory) Fixed an issue where selecting 'All' in the website inventory list checked the 'Featured' boxes

  • (Newsletter) Fixed an issue where images placed in the left bar of the 'Headline News Blue Template' were distorted when viewed in Apple Mail

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