Release Notification: DX1 DMS/Operations Release August 27th

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

  • Automated Special Order Parts Notifications - SMS/Email


  • SMS Notification 

    • Updated “Open Special Orders” report to Include SMS Notification Status

    • New “Special Orders Received - Status” report coming soon

  • Major Unit Sales - F&I (missing lienholder) - Added Warning Icon


    Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Parts

    • PSN Parts Order Import - Cannot complete part invoice 

    • MU requested part, If you input shipping, The system will lose tab focus

    • Error message in new fiche when in browser and two invoice tabs open

  • Service

    • Parts invoice attached to a service invoice is changing salesperson

    • RO Completed and no Labor Tax was charged

  • Major Unit

    • MU Inventory Report Returning "Honda Power Equipment" when search for "Honda"

  • Accounting

    • Vendors Set with wrong SubType in DealerAccountList when mapped to QBO

  • System

    • Error - Unable to get property 'form' of undefined or null reference at valid (Javascript)

    • Sometime shows error log as ChangeDatakey and Json.parse Error

    • Error - cannot call methods on igGridUpdating prior to initialization; attempted to call method 'updateRow' (Javascript)

    • Error - DX1 freeze when press enter 

    • Error - DX1-eprodpod1(RD0003FFA9E7A2)- MSPOWERSPORTSIN,,143 Error -

    • Error - Unable to get property 'DealerSalePartId' of undefined or null reference at Anonymous function

    • Error - Unable to set property 'IsTechnicianModified' of undefined or null reference

    • Error - DX1Web GET ServiceInvoicing/TechnicianTimeclockDetail

*Release # D2018-08-27

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