Release Notification: Marketing Release August 27th

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • Finance Application Changes : ‘Dealer Use Only’ & Model Info on Printout 
    We are adding a  ‘For Dealer Use Only’ Section in Finance Application area and the printed application for the entry of more detailed information. Model information for all Units of Interest on all open leads will appear on the Finance screen and on the printout. This provides more accessible information where you need it!

    New Fields:
    - Cash Sale Price
    - Accessories
    - Rebate
    - Sales Tax
    - Registration/Title Fee
    - Trade In Value
    - Total Credits
    - Gross Cost
    - Amount Financed
    - Additional Information


  • DX1 Resource Section
    We're keeping you in the know with a new summary of DX1 information, including Account Manager, support options, and DX1 announcements.

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Fixed an issue where an error was thrown in the Destinations screen in Model Management when saving a model with multiple colors

  • Fixed an issue where the [StockNumber] token appeared in the Showroom detail page title when a unit does not have a stock number

  • Changed the logic for the [Phone] token on DX1 websites to make sure a proper phone number is displayed in page titles. Phone numbers displayed by the [Phone] token are pulled from Dealership Settings > General

     - Display the Toll Free Phone first
     - If no Toll Free Phone is entered, then display Sales Phone
     - If no Sales Phone is entered, then display Main Phone; Main Phone is always required"

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect Dealership Name could appear in the header of Brand Integrity sites

  • Fixed an issue where Driver's License State does not display on a printed Finance Application

  • Changed the JointApplicantGrossIncome field to allow custom values rather than the default pre-populated drop down list

  • Fixed an issue where a custom Finance Application form threw an error when submitted

  • Created a new comment field for custom Finance Applications called JointApplicantComment.
     - Allows Joint Applicant-specific comments to be added to the Finance Application
     - Fields mapped to this value will be hidden when the Joint Applicant checkbox is not marked
     - Comments will be marked with 'Joint Applicant' on the lead

  • Fixed an issue where vehicle leads submitted on Brand Integrity websites were not delivered to the proper dealership (Honda & Indian)

  • Corrected a typo in the Price Request email response ('not longer available')

  • Fixed bad links in the Inventory on Demand feed (URLs did not correctly point to the unit detail on the Dealership website)

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