Release Notification: Marketing Release July 9th

 Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • New Showroom Detail Features

    • Add Custom Buttons
      Your showroom, your way! Up to two custom buttons can be created and linked to any page on your website or anywhere else on the web! 

    • Change Default Button Labels
      Not happy with the default button labels? Now  the labels can be updated to your desired text-
      - Apply for Financing
      - Calculate Payment
      - Schedule a Test Ride
      - Compare Models
      - Request More Information

    • VIN Visibility Options
      Don’t want customers having access to unit VINs? VIN display can now be limited to the last six digits, or removed entirely.

      To take advantage of these new features, contact DX1 Support.

    • Updated Available Colors Display
      We’re making additional model colors more visible by adding a clickable link next to the model color, changing the ‘Available models’ tab to ‘Available Colors’ and listing all available colors for the model, including the currently viewed unit.

  • Your DX1 website Privacy Policy has been updated to more clearly describe data collection methods
    The privacy policy for all your websites has been updated  The updated privacy policy details the steps DX1 has taken to ensure your website visitors’ information is protected and the storing of it is compliant with recent legal changes.  
    DX1 takes these changes very seriously and wants you to feel confident in how visitors’ information is protected as well as ensure your visitors and potential customers that their information is secure.

  • Display Destination (Freight) Charges on the website
    You now have the option to notify web visitors of freight surcharges on your inventory. Displaying freight charges will add a disclaimer to the respective units-  we’ve also pre-loaded destination charges on all Honda units to make this process easier and to comply with Honda MAP policies.

  • Improved adding of  newsletter Subscribers to a existing groups
    You work hard to group your subscribers into specific groups- and we know this has not been easy to manage. Performing file import after file import to add a few new subscribers to your groups is a frustrating process that we are making easier-  subscribers can now be added directly into one or more groups during the add process, or retroactively in the subscribers area.

  1. Add a new subscriber to one or more  existing groups when adding them manually from the Subscriber list

  2. Add a customer to one or more existing subscriber groups from the ‘Extended Info’ tab of their Customer record

  3. Search for an existing subscriber in the subscribers area

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Fixed an issue where the Lead Report printout would not appear in Firefox

  • Fixed an issue where the DX1 Miles/Hours value was being duplicated in two different fields in Craigslist postings

  • Fixed an issue where eligible promotions did not appear on a reactivated inventory unit

  • Fixed an issue where the finance application icon appeared in the lead list for leads that did not have a finance application attached. This occurred when the customer had previously completed an application. The icon will now only appear if the new lead is submitted with updated finance information

You may also view updates for DX1 DMS here.

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