Release Notification: DX1 DMS/Operations Release July 9th

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

  • Add Sign-Up page for Service Scheduling
  • Create mapping page for EULA
  • Change Sign-Up template for Technician Time Clock


  • Optimized A/R Customer and Vendor DX1-QBs Syncing Logic

  • Added new interface to make mapping / re mapping customers and Vendors between DX1 and QBs easier

  • Now include the Authorization Number, VIN and Customers Last Name in Transaction Memos sent to QBs for Warranty A/R or A/P Credit transactions

  • A/R Customer "Credit Limit" is now editable in DX1 IF using QuickBooks Online

  • Option to use QuickBooks Online with Windows 10 App - BETA ONLY

  Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • Billing address incomplete on sync from DX1 to QB

  • QB Sync - Dealers A/R Customers being unmapped 

  • Remove "QuickBooks Name" from the Vendor Page in DX1

  • Warranty MOP requires manufacture vendor for 3rd party warranty types


  • Parts added to Warranty ROs are Adding Tax 

Major Unit

  • Opening a RO from a MU sale the RO tries to print

  • Changing units on MU invoice with open service invoice is not being prevented

  • F&I Products - Unable to select Model Type for F&I for units in stock

  • When a Unit is switched out on a MU deal and user selects to retain Prices it is also retaining the Freight, Setup and Other Costs

  • Service fee shows incorrect description in MU invoice

  • When you click on the assign registrations tab in a MU sales it just loads 


  • Need to disable "Account Receivable Account" field when the A/R customer belongs to another location

  • Searching for a customer and then adding them is not adding the name correctly.

  • If user does not change anything, system should not pop-up Discard Changes banner when click menu A/R Payment 

Parts & Accesories

  • Parts pin only works for home dealership

  • Item goes to SO column and change QTY in sold column, when you click "Confirm Sold" it should zero out the SO column for the user

  • Cannot see Part/Notes on Special Order Pickup/Refund Screen when there is a scroll bar

  • Need to throw error when add Shipping part and have Lwy Qty

  • PSN ecommerce import - Resolved issue where imported quantity was imported as Sold regardless of quantity available


  • Change side menu default to open

  • Accountant user cannot see cost, in inventory or when receiving


  • Date Filter in MU Sales Commission Report Returning Incorrect Deals

*Release # D2018-07-09

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