Release Notification: Marketing Release June 4th

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • Slideshow images created in Slideshow Management can now be opened in a new window 

  • Lead List Search Updated to Make Detailed Searches Simpler
    - All fields exposed on the list screen
    - Added assigned user search
    - Multi-select available on all fields

  • Email blast recipients can now unsubscribe from emails

  • Forms on DX1 websites now include an explicit opt-in option; visitors are still opted in by default
    This will help reduce unwanted mail, which affects sender reputation and can cause other legitimate mail to be blocked as spam

  • Users will now see a count badge on the ‘Survey and Testimonials’ tile when there are new (‘Pending’) Testimonials available for review.

  • ‘Overall Rating’ is now a required field on the website Customer Survey
    This ensures that at least one rating is provided

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • FD# 11419 : Fixed an issue where only the most recent entry was available in the Lead List Note search

  • Fixed an issue where Facebook profile could not be activated (even when account met requirements for custom apps)

  • Fixed permissions for the DX1 Testimonials and Slideshow Management tiles

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