Release Notification: Marketing Release May 14th

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • New DX1 Slideshow
    Website slideshows can now be managed from the DX1 Dashboard from the ‘Slideshow Management Tile’ with a ton of new features!

    • Optimal image dimensions provided to allow selection of best images before upload

    • Guided process to upload and crop images for best results

    • Automated resizing to ensure the best display fand optimized website performance

    • Multiple sliders can be managed in one screen

    • Display scheduler to automate image appearance and removal

    • Images may be deactivated without deleting them entirely

    • Hyperlinking

    • Simple click and drag image ordering

    • Easy identification of manufacturer promotional images, plus enable/disable with ease

    • Manufacturer promotional images will be optimized for best display 

    • Slideshow preview

  • The 'Pie Chart' style lead graph has been converted to a Bar chart in the Customers and Leads area of the DX1 Dashboard

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Fixed an issue where the price label text for 'Price When Zero' and 'Get Price' could not be saved

  • Fixed an issue where the Testimonials website module pagination controls did not match styling in the other modules

  • Fixed some bad styling in the Testimonials website module that prevented the Customer Survey prompt from being legible on some sites.

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