Release Notification: DX1 Marketing April 23. 2018

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • Showroom Detail Update

    • Removed Zip Code from the open form

    • Adjusted print button alignment

    • Updated Year/Make/Model content to use <H2> HTML tags for better SEO content identification

  • Inventory Will Remain Active When a Lead is Sold (Marketing Only, DX1 Dash)

When a lead is marked as sold, the inventory unit will remain active and on the website.

  • Added Email Notifications for the Customer Survey
    Users can now receive an email notification when a survey is completed on their website (must be submitted from the new Customer Survey form). This feature works in the same fashion as existing notifications.

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Connected the Dealership Name in the head of Brand Integrity sites to use the site-specific setting in Marketing settings

  • Upgraded the scrolling module for Featured Inventory to correct an issue where the order would reset when the user scrolled up or down on some mobile devices

  • Removed the counter badge on the Social dash tile

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