Release Notification: Marketing Release March 26th

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

  • Updates to Website HTML Editor

    • Updated the default font size to 12px

    • Updated font size options to provide more coherent sizing choices

  • Created Legacy Site Statistics Report in Customer Reports

  • Created a Testimonial Summary Report in Customer Reports & Testimonials Screen

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Fixed several issues where a Critical Error was thrown while editing Blog posts on a DX1 website

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Request for More Information’ was not appended to the website name AdSource when a lead is submitted from the Showroom Detail quick form

  • Fixed an issue where no results were returned when searching for a model name with a space in listing inventory

  • Fixed an issue where activating 'Email Block' for a customer did not remove the customer email address from Newsletter subscribers

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