Release Notification: Marketing Release March 19th

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

Website Customer Survey & Testimonials

Customers can now complete surveys on your DX1 website- you can review the results and post all the great things your Customers have to say about you directly to a Testimonials page!

DX1 Toll-Free and Classified Phone Call Leads

Incoming calls to the Dealership DX1 Toll-Free and Classified lines will now generate leads and appear in the Lead List; these lead scan be worked like any other lead.

If you don’t already have a DX1 toll free number - call the DX1 Account Management team at 1-800-700-4399 and they can set you up! It only takes a few minutes to better market your website, increase your leads and effectively engage potential buyers!

 BMW Brand Integrity Website

We've created a new BMW brand integrity website for authorized BMW dealers

New ‘Unit Age’ Sort Option in Website Inventory

Inventory can now be sorted by the unit create date

Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Fixed an Issue Where Linked Images Prevented Editing Web Content in Microsoft Edge Browser

  • Added Messaging When Attempting to Install the Facebook Inventory Module to a Page With Less than 2000 Fans

  • Fixed an Issue Where the Website Showroom List Search Did Not Populate Available Manufacturers in Some Instances

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