DMS Bug Fixes - 2/19/2018

  • Need ability to Reassign Invoices and Leads when a User is Deactivated 
  • Quickbooks-H&H Arai Helmet Inc is not mapping to DX1 
  • Doc fee charged on a deal, but does not show under fees 
  • MU invoice screen loads when adding customer to the deal after unit 
  • Major Units-Registration Birth Date going backwards 
  • Add Warning when a user Receives a Major Unit with a cost of $0.00 
  • Major Units-Can add parts to Open RO that is attached to a posted MU deal 
  • Credit card payment taken multiple times and invoices duplicated 
  • Parts-Purchase Orders are unable to be picked up 
  • Search by PO number not returning results 
  • Parts-Pricing Affecting invoices that have been closed 
  • Cannot add a private zip code with alpha numeric characters in it 
  • Cannot use AR mop for AR Customer not synced to quickbooks 
  • Method of Payment- Dealer unable to use security override for MOP
  • Install ARs Hotfix v.11.2.8862 for fix (Case 253089) Cannot export report to MS Excel if the data have an equals sign "=" (start with)

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